Archer fish or Spinnerfish
Useful information
1. Archer fish be able to shooting with water droplets from their specialized mouths for preying on insects and other small animals.
2. Archer fish can be found in salty waters and mangroves, but can also be found in the open ocean, as well as far in fresh water.
3. The Archer fish will make multiple shots if the first one fails. For example, the experiment by academician tie the victim with sticky glue then let the Archer fish shooting with water droplets to victim but the victim do not drop they are multiple shots. The next day, academician experiment as it was with old victim the Archer fish do not shots. The experimental results is the Archer fish have memorization, they do not repeatedly shooting (learn from experience) until the victim changed.
4. Sizes are fairly small, typically up to about 5–10 cm, but T. chatareus can reach 40 cm.
5. The Archer fish eyes be able to roll while looking for the victim to find the best shooting point.
6. They can shooting to bring down insects and other prey up to 2 m. – 3 m. above the water’s surface.
7. If the victim are short distance be able to jump over to catch, they will immediately catch.
8. Young archerfish start shooting when they are about 2.5 cm.
9. It has also been determined in an experimental context that archerfish were able to benefit from observational learning by watching a performing group member, mature archerfish possibility is improved that at least one shots will hit its target.