Anemonefish in the family of Pomacentridae, damselfishes. The currently explored and classified have 28 types, the anemonefish can be found in Thai sea boundary are 7 types, Andaman side there are 5 types such as Clown anemonefish, Whitebacked clownfish, Clack’s anemonefish , Sebea clownfish, Red saddleback anemonefish, and Gulf of Thailand side there are 2 types such as Saddleback anemonefish, and Whitebacked clownfish.
Anemonefish in nature cannot alive without sea anemone because anemonefish used sea anemone as a refuge, sea anemone protects the anemonefish from predators, as well providing food through the scraps left from the anemone’s meal called Symbiosis Interaction (which means that each species is highly dependent on the other for survival). The increase survival rate in the anemonefish before returning to the sea is let they be familiar with sea anemone.
The living with sea anemone lately will make anemonefish die because they starve or become to victim at all due to no refuge. So, do not release the culture anemonefish to the sea without co-dependent with sea anemone behavior changing. The sea anemone type should be specific with anemonefish species including suitable surrounding and denseness for example in 1 clump of sea anemone can be live just 6-10, there will be increase survival rate in nature.
The factor that effected to anemonefish survival when returning to the nature.
1. The releasing anemonefish culture should be behavior modification by let them be familiar with sea anemone unless 30 days before release.
2. There are should have sea anemone enough for amount of anemonefish and suitable with anemonefish species.
3. Should have a swing or cage for cover at least 15 minutes (for anemonefish behavior already changed) for anemonefish be familiar with new sea anemone and nature currency.
4. Anemonefish release to the nature, the people who release should be confident do not have kind of predator or enemy in the area.
5. The density of anemonefish with sea anemone was depend on size of sea anemone, maximum should not exceed than 10 to large size of sea anemone.
6. There are should be the anemone fish that suitable for habitats or can be found in the nature of area that can release for restore in the old habitats. In the event that, bring other species of anemonefish into the area or natural geographic spread its will negative impact on the ecosystem.