Useful information
Spot coral crab is the sea animal, oval armature, smooth surface, armature edge is cream- brown color, back armature have 11 brown spots , 4 wavy lines between the eyes.
Life cycle
When larvae crabs hatch from the egg and float in the sea called Zoea. They slough off many times around 15-20 day until develop to be small leg celled Megalopa takes 15-20 day but still float like a plankton, after that develop their shape to be parent, and stage of down to the ground called Juvenile, they going to slough off and grow up to be adult.

After female crab slough off they will mate with male crab and male crab release sperm into the female oviduct, female crabs can store the male sperm until her eggs are ready to be released.
Sea urchin and various shellfish by using their claw to crack.

Coral reef