Common name:  blue swimming crab

Scientific name: Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Blue crab is a seafood that Thai people like to eat whether steamed, grilled, or cooked tom yum. When buying blue crabs, each consumer has different tastes for eating blue crabs. Some people like to eat males because they have a lot of meat, some people like to eat females because they like to eat blue crab eggs.


male crab (left)                                                         female crab (right)


A common way to differentiate the sexes of crabs is to hold the crabs upside down and look at the carapace cover on the crab’s stomach.

Male crab with a thin carapace and a pointed tip (left picture).

Female crab, carapace cover plate, which has a curved edge and large size (right picture).

But there is another method that can separate the sexes of the blue crabs without touching the crabs upside down. is to notice that the color of the blue crab


male crab (left)                                                             female crab (right)


The male crab has long, slender claws. Its legs and claws are light blue. The female blue crab has shorter claws than the male, and the legs and claws are brown.


Compiled by: Surapong Banchongmanee