Human activities or nature’s works??

In a broad view, the causes of the deterioration of seagrass resource in our home country are from a couple factors including human activities and natural destruction. For human activities, they include sea sailing, sea traveling and other various sea activities that directly and indirectly affect seagrass. They are cause of seagrass leaves torn, excavated dispersion of soil and sediments in the water which affects the growth of seagrass.

Wastewater released from the coast such as from fishing ports, households and communities, tourism businesses, sea ports and industrial factories affect the environment to not suitable for the growth of seagrass. In addition,  fishing activities in seagrass areas is another major cause of the deterioration of seagrass and marine animals.

The deterioration of seagrass is cause by nature as well !!! For example, the seasonal deposition of large amounts of sediment that, during monsoon, the coastal erosion and moving of the sand to cover
seagrass beds, so, they are deteriorated and disappear from the area.

Read to this line!!! we acknowledged and aware, so, let we help in conservation of seagrass to maintaining their healthy as to be a nursery ground for aquatic animals and as a barrier to wind and wave as well.